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Achieve your health and fitness goals through individually tailored expert guidance.

360 Wellness Experience

This is an introductory 4 session Health Coaching program to explore and experience how you can improve the four major areas of your life that affect your overall health.

During this 4 week program we assess these 4 critical areas of good health and explore ways to improve them based your lifestyle.

Each Session is a 50 minute private telephone meeting where we discuss and brainstorm ways to make lifestyle changes in the four major areas for optimal health:

Session One – Nutrition

There is so much information on nutrition available today and it can be overwhelming.  We will assess current habits, begin a gentle food elimination detox and introduce a plan for better nutrition to help you feel healthy and energized.

Session Two – Restful Sleep

Sleep is the key to keep the body and mind functioning.  During this session we explore

what prevents your good nights sleep.  We will work with tools and simple strategies to help improve your sleep. Feel rested and energized everyday!

Session Three – Get Active

There is no one size fits all exercise program.   Exercise is one of the best ways to achieve long lasting good health.   We will explore the benefits of exercise, what works for your lifestyle and how to find time to make it a  priority.

Session Four – Manage Stress and Life Balance

Stress feels different for everyone.  The effects of stress show up in different ways with our body.  We will explore your stress factors,  practice with tools to reduce the level of stress in your life and learn how to find balance.  Simple how to steps that you can use right away.

Living a healthy lifestyle is a practice not a one time fix.  I am here to support your journey.  This program will get you started on your way to better overall health!!!

Special Introductory Program $259.

Individual Health Coaching Sessions

How Do Health Coaching sessions work?

Individual Health Coaching sessions are one-on- one with client and coach.  The weekly or biweekly sessions are in person or by telephone.  During the sessions, we celebrate successes,  discuss progress of goals, brainstorm new ideas for change and work through obstacles that prevent you from reaching your goal.  I encourage ideas for change and provide materials that support your health and wellness goals.

Components of Individual Health Coaching Sessions:

  • 50 minute session one- on- one via telephone or  in person.  Sessions can be conducted from anywhere in the U.S.
  • Unlimited email and text support between sessions.
  • Supportive educational materials, ongoing motivation and accountability.
  • Chat sessions by text for immediate attention items.
  • The coaching session plans ranges from 3 months to 12 months depending on your individual  needs.

Group Health Coaching Sessions

How do Group Health Coaching sessions work?

Many times there are groups of individuals working toward the same specific health goals.  The coaching process works for a group as effectively as and individual session.  Group sessions are a great way to support each other with similar goals, brainstorm ideas for change and share experiences that have been successful.  You may organize your own group or participate in existing groups.  The group sessions are held in person or by conference call at designated time.

Components of Group Coaching Sessions :

  • 50 minute group session via telephone or in person.   Group sessions can be held by conference call  anywhere in the U.S.
  • Unlimited email support between session.
  • Supportive educational materials and ongoing motivation.
  • Group chat sessions via email, motivation text and accountability.

You may also participate in current activities…

..move more and motivate each other to success!

Let's shop healthy!

Learn to cook healthy

Walk, run and exercise in nature

Get Active and Move

Dig deeper and learn

One of the best ways to achieve long lasting heath is through a regular exercise program. We often ruin our bodies health by neglecting to move. With our careers today we are more sedentary and not required to do activity to complete our work tasks.

Getting enough activity doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does have to be a priority.
Depending where you are in your journey, the level of activity for you need will differ. As a fitness professional and Health Coach I will assist you in determining the best type of activity for your lifestyle. We will work together to determine what activities you like to do and what activities you can sustain.

With the wide variety of activities available we will design the right fitness plan for you. Our plan will depend on time, fitness level and your personal fitness goal. Don’t worry you won’t need fancy equipment, a simple vigorous walk will clear your head for the tasks at hand. Strength, flexibility, cardio vascular conditioning, core conditioning and balance are all part of overall fitness.