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  • I have been working out with Shari for close to 10 years.She knows her stuff! She is always changing our routines so I do not get bored-She is smart, kind and an asset in my life for sure! I may not like going to the gym, but once my hour is over i can check it off my list, and feel really good about it. Her new gym in San Carlos is such a treat. All of her equipment is state of the art. It is super clean and bright and private. I highly recommend Defineit
    Katie B.
  • I've been working with Shari for over a year now and she is absolutely amazing! I found her studio through a referral from a friend at the perfect time. I was going through some transitions and had gained almost 30 pounds in a 3 year period. Through Shari's guidance, coaching and strength training I lost almost all of it in the first 6 months of working together! She has really changed the way I look at fitness and nutrition which has been instrumental in helping me keep the weight off. She has a great team of trainers and healers in the studio as well. She's truly a gem!
    A P.
  • Shari changed my life! I lost 10 lbs in the first six weeks on Shari's intensive program. Now 20 lbs lighter, I am proud to thank and give credit to Shari for giving me the tools, guidance and motivation to succeed.  Shari reshaped my body, but more importantly, Shari taught me about portion control, moderation, and how to get the best results in the least amount of time. For years, I struggled. Little did I know, I was doing the wrong types of exercises, in the wrong way, and I was eating way too much. I hope you choose to be WOW'd by Shari and that you too will change your life.
    Tess S.
  • I was in a fitness rut when I started seeing Shari at DefineIT.  I had been going to the same Dailey Method / Bar Method classes that I had been taking for years, but I had stopped seeing results.  After six weeks working out with Shari at DefineIT, I can see the change in my body and I have never felt better.  Shari's workouts are strategic and efficient - I love that when I leave, I know she has maximized my time with her.  As a trainer, Shari is knowledgeable, motivating, and supportive. Highly recommended!
    Caitlin D.
  • I have been training with Shari for over 10 years now. I started when I was 35 and at a point where I wasn’t happy when I saw myself in pictures or my reflection in a window. I wasn’t the me I knew. I met with Shari and felt instantly comfortable and motivated by her. Training with Shari is great. She does all the thinking for you and you just show up. You feel great when you leave and can’t believe how weight training and food coaching really makes a difference. Oh, and she is also a great friend through it all–coaching, encouraging, and giving sound advice to help you achieve your goals.
    Bonnie P.–San Carlos

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