What is a Health and Wellness Coach?

Discover your Best Self and Live a Healthy Life!

Best Self Defined

Health and Wellness Coaching

“Your desire to change must be great that your desire to stay the same”

How do you define your Best Self? Our best self is different for everyone. For some, it’s having a positive body image and being at our ideal weight. For others it’s being able to sleep through the night, increase energy and reduce daily stress or being our best at work. But for most, our best self is when we feel in control of our life, health and feel happiness!  It’s the to uncover our best self.

What is a Health and Wellness Coach?

As a health coach I help clients who can’t find direction for or don’t know how to achieve a healthy lifestyle.  I work with overworked tired individuals to manage stress, boost energy, loose weight, incorporate regular exercise and design a blue print of a healthier lifestyle so they can find more balance in their lives.  I encourage and support you and provide you with tools on your journey.  I can also take my coach hat off and give expert teaching in the areas of nutrition and exercise at a level that is easy to understand and follow.  I have many successful clients.

Improve your Health and Wellness

As your health coach I will help you improve your health and wellness and see changes in these areas:

  • Positive Body Image and increased confidence.
  • Improved Sleep.
  •  Stress Reduction  and tools to manage stress.
  • Weight Loss and maintenance.
  • Increased energy and a positive outlook.
  • Manage food allergies and understand how they effect your health.
  • Improved digestion.
  • Increased work performance.
  • Improved immune system.
  • Eliminate food cravings and understand what creates them.
  • Understand emotional eating and heal your relationship with food.
  • Reduced Inflammation in the body that impacts all areas of your health.

Tools and Education

I will provide hands on tools and education:

  • Learn how to grocery shop for healthy foods.
  • Read and understand food labels and how they mean to your health.
  • How to make healthy choices when dinning out with out “dieting”.
  • Assist in creating an action plan for managing a busy schedule and travel.
  • Design fitness plan that will work for your lifestyle.
  • Provide step by step guidance on menu planning, grocery shopping and how to sustain your goal weight.