Corporate Coaching Programs

Health Coaching is an emerging practice being used by more and more employers and health care plans

Corporate and Organization Coaching Programs

Health Coaching is an emerging practice being used by more and more employers and health care plans. They are integrating health coaching with their respective health management initiatives as part of the overall benefits package for employees and Executive Management. Although health coaching is not a new practice, its evolving methodology and the availability of different delivery styles (e.g. face-to-face, online and by telephone) have created new options for health improvement, risk reduction, disease management and overall employee life balance.

Primary goals of health coaching for corporations are the same as for individuals. It’s a way to improve employees work life balance and live a healthier lifestyle.

Employees Goals for good health:

  1. Develop action able health goals for personal needs such as lifestyle management, physical activity, healthily eating habits, stress reduction and chronic health conditions
  2. Help improve sleep, energy and personal effectiveness
  3. Achieve and maintain goals

Organization Goals for good health:

  1. Reduce health risks that are associated with higher health costs.
  2. Reduce overall healthcare cost trends by targeting and managing health risks and chronic health conditions.
  3. Increase on the job productivity.
  4. Create a “ culture of health”.
  5. Increase the total value of investments in employee health management.

Executive and Employee Coaching Programs

Executives and employees will receive private, confidential one on one sessions.   Group sessions are available for employees who with similar health goals.  It’s motivation and cost effective.

Here’s what to expect in a coaching session:

  1. Step 1 – There is an overall assessment of the employee, executive or group.  This assessment is an overview of where they are right now and where they want to be in all areas of their health.  There will be a written questionnaire and a personal interview.
  2. Step 2 – We will work together to design a group or individual health plan with weekly, biweekly or monthly calls or meetings.  Each session will focus on health areas to improve, an action plan and goal setting for the next week. There is accountability, interaction and brainstorming ideas, educational materials and support. This program can be from 6 months to 12 months.
  3. Step 3 – On going maintenance calls or meetings to keep participants informed on new health trends and health information.

Additional Organization Coaching Topics:
One hour, ½ day or full day coaching workshop on healthily lifestyle topics:

  • How do I manage my stress?
  • Planning a Nutritious Lifestyle. Where do I start?
  • Why do I emotionally eat – am I hungry?
  • How to read Food Labels and understand the meanings.
  • It’s not what you eat; it’s how much of what you eat.
  • Learn how to get a good nights sleep.

We can also work together to design a topic for your group. The workshops are available on site.