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What is a Health Coach?

A Health Coach is a trained professional who fills the gap of where you currently are with your overall health and where you want to be with your overall health.  As your coach I work with you to assess your current lifestyle and help you make changes that will improve your overall health.

What areas of my life can I improve with a Health Coach?

If you have struggled in areas of health and wellness and have not been able to achieve your desired goals, a health coach can help you get to those goals.

As a Health Coach I help clients in all health and welllness areas:

Lack of Physical Activity
Emotional Eating
Poor Sleep
Low self esteem
Healthy menu planning
Food Allergies
Increase Energy
Improved Digestion

Do I need a Health Coach?

Having a professional help you achieve you goals will make changes in your lifestyle easier and safer.   As your health coach I will make your entire experience richer and more successful.  Here are a few reason’s why:

  1. You will receive a plan tailored to you exact situation:

 As your wellness co-pilot , I will be able to integrate new and healthier habits based on your specific health concerns, daily real life responsibilities, stress levels and your work/family lifestyle.

  1. I will make sure your goals are realistic for your body, mind and the changes are safe.

With so many fad diets and “quick fix” plans for every area of your life, it’s hard to know what is best for your situation.  I will help you identify and integrate a sensible lifestyle practice to enhance your health without any side effects.

  1. I will be your Ally and Life Changer!

Changing years of long-held poor habits, negative beliefs and behaviors can be a challenge to change.  I will help you change old habits to establish new healthy habits.  Together we will find what works  for your lifestyle.

  1. I don’t just talk the talk, I walk the walk….. run and spin too!

I am not just an advisor, but I live this lifestyle.  I am educated and have proven lifestyle change experience that will help you on your journey. Change is not about doing what someone else is doing.   I make your change sustainable  by keeping  current on the newest health and wellness information and sorting out what is helpful for you and what is not accurate information.

How do coaching sessions work?

Each session is a one on one or group session depending on what you have chosen.
We will meet once a week, bi-weekly or monthly by telephone or in person.  Many people choose telephone sessions so they do not have to leave the office, home and commute.  The first session will be an assessment of where you are and where you want to be with your overall health.  Following sessions will be based on what has happened since our previous meeting and a review of goals.   This will also be a time for us to brainstorm new ideas, resolve obstacles and barriers that keep you from moving forward.  The meetings are confidential and conversational.

What are the benefits of Corporate and Workplace Health Coaching?

As health care costs continue to rise at alarming rates, companies are looking for ways to cut costs and keep the employees healthy.  Providing programs for employees at the workplace helps corporations:

  • lower health care costs
  • lower rates of absenteeism
  • have fewer worker compensation claims
  • improve employee productivity
  • more employee loyalty

Here are 5 emotional eating triggers

  1. Stress
  2. Stuffing emotions with food
  3. Boredom or feeling of emptiness
  4. Childhood habits
  5. Social Influences

Work with me and overcome these eating patterns.

Dieting doesn’t mean your food has to be tasteless!

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